What is the Scale Model Paint Finder?

The scale model paint finder is a tool to assist you in chossing paints for your plastic scale models. This tool solves the problem of not having the paint required from your scale model instructions. You can unlock even more features when you create an account.


Why should you create an account

When you create your own account, many more features become available to you. Some of those features are:

  • Create an inventory of paints you currently possess.
  • Create a quick reference list of paints for your trips to the hobby shop, .
  • Create a diary of completed models for your own reference or for sharing on twitter.
  • Identify paints in your inventory that closest match another color.
  • As a member, you can create models and assign colors to help grow and add value to the SMPF community.

How does SMPF help with your Paint Shopping?

Let's pretend you just got a new model in the mail, you open it up to find that you have 5 colors that you do not already own. Some models like Tamiya request you use their own paint colors. Well, you arrive at your local hobby store only to find the store only sells Testors paint. SMPF can find the closest matching color to the one you need in the brand the store carries.

How does SMPF help with accuracy


Often times we modelers like to build models that look just like original full size actuals and sometimes we are limited by either resources or lack of documentation available to us. The goal of SMPF is to close that gap by providing the information you need to build accurate models. Some of the ways SMPF helps include:

  • Accurate as possible color matching
  • Color chips photographed under the same lighting and conditions
  • Comparisson of Federal Standard and RAL colors

How do I use SMPF?

At Home

So you're at home and your working on your model. The model calls for a color you do not have. SMPF helps by allowing you to compare the color called for with your own inventory, letting you know how close the colors match.

  1. Click "Find a Paint"
  2. Choose the appropriate option to find the desired paint
  3. Locate the desired color and click on it to view the info
  4. Click "Compare this Color with My Inventory"

At the Store

Sometimes you show up at the store only to find they don't have the color or brand of paint you need. SMPF comes to your aid and helps you find the closest colors available to you and shows you a side by side comparisson of each.

  1. On your web enabled device, go to http://www.scalemodelpaintfinder.com/
  2. Click "Find a Paint"
  3. Choose the appropriate option to find the desired paint
  4. Locate the desired color and click on it to view the info
  5. Click "Find Closest Matching Color in Another Brand of Paint"
  6. Select the brand and line which the store carries and SMPF will find the color closest matching your desired color